Norwalk Station Reuse - Assets

October 25, 2023 – Norwalk Power Closes on Sale of its Norwalk, Connecticut Site

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Property Assets

The property contains a number of structures, industrial assets and infrastructure that may be of interest to future users.

Norwalk Station

Norwalk Station

Property Improvements

  • A 2,000 square foot building, formerly housing wastewater treatment equipment, now serves as administrative space.
  • Additional facilities, equipment and infrastructure on the property present opportunities for reuse or economic value in demolition and sale.
  • An existing dock extends from the southern tip of the property along a 180’ wide by 900’ long seawall.


Substantial infrastructure and public utilities currently serve the property, including electric, water, sewer and stormwater.  

Water: Potable water is provided by South Norwalk Electric and Water.

Sanitary: Sanitary waste is currently conveyed to an onsite septic system and associated leach field. Future development would utilize the Norwalk Water Pollution Control Authority municipal sanitary sewer line located on Longshore Avenue.

Stormwater: The property has an extensive storm sewer system that services the entire site. 

Electricity: Electricity is provided by Eversource.  An Eversource-owned electric substation is located on the site and will remain post-redevelopment.

Natural Gas: Natural gas is provided by Eversource.

Communications: Cable, telephone and internet are available in the area.

Existing Dock and Seawall

Existing Dock and Seawall

Existing 2,000 sf Building

Existing 2,000 sf Building

Industrial Assets

The property features a number of industrial assets that may be of economic value.

  • An onsite wastewater treatment system was previously used to treat discharges from the former generating plant.  System condition and reuse compatibility have not been evaluated. 
  • An Eversource substation is located on the property.